Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Got Leftover Fruit?

We were delegated as 'desserts' people for Christmas lunch, and mum wanted to keep it simple so we wanted to do some fruit things. They weren't exactly 'platters'... We tried to recreate these Christmas tree things that I found on Pinterest but they didn't end up a thing like them.

Anyway, our grandmother had cooked two other desserts as well (and they were maaaaassive, let me just say) and everyone was full from the gigantic feast we'd had for dinner, so our four fruit tree things were barely touched. So we took them home.

What were we supposed to do with these sad looking, toothpick-pricked fruits that still had quite a lot of life left in them? They weren't the prettiest things, but they still tasted great (I mean, it's fruit, of course they did). Out came our saviour...


And did Mr Blender do a good job on those juicy fruits. With the help of my cutting up (and cutting pits out of cherries), and the multiple zip lock bags, Mr Blender turned those sad and sorry looking grapes, kiwis and watermelon bits into this glorious, heavenly nectar of juice, which was then poured into the baggies and frozen.

Frozen fruit juice is soo delicious. I love it more than ice cream, or any other sweet icy dessert one could have. It's just like a culmination of the absolute sweetest and most beautiful food known to man - fruit - all pulverised and condensed into a little icicle of fun. And eating it is fun too, because you cool down and get it all over your face and I'm not quite sure why I love just biting into a freshly made fruit juice ice block...

I had two yesterday. Shhhh, don't tell anyone...

I'm writing about this today because a few days ago we got a nice, big round watermelon and cut him up to serve as fruit for a little get-together we had with the family. Dinner was sufficient, and no one but me wanted to stuff themselves silly so not much dessert was taken. So we were left with a few tupperware boxes of watermelon slices, which would have been great to eat during the day but we've been out all day so that wasn't happening.

After the approval from mum, they aaall ended up in the blender to be whizzed up and frozen into more blocks of yumminess. Just when I thought the freezer would be nearly emptied of all its fruit juicy goodness. And I made twelve bags!

I think I'll be set for summer.

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