Thursday, 10 January 2013

Roasted Grapes

Quick one today!

Ever since I saw this recipe, I've wanted to have a go at roasting grapes. But I never got around to it because I kept forgetting to get grapes so it's just never happened.

And then mum bought a big bunch of grapes.

They weren't red grapes like I'd been picturing to roast with, but since I'd been picking one at a time every time I opened the fridge, I thought I should do something more productive with them than make them waste away like that.

So with my salmony, pumpkiny, radiescheny mess of food I plonked into a roasting dish tonight, I added a bunch of grapes, which I made sure didn't touch my salmon. I don't care what my food looks like, just as long as it doesn't taste so bad.

My oily dish didn't take too long to cook, and I made sure my grapes didn't get too oily (coconut oil, by the way). When it was done, the first thing I tried were these bad boys on top there.

Ignore that orange stuff it's sitting on.
The Verdict: It's like a delicate bauble of warm, meltingly sweet flavours, with a luxurious roasted fruity taste (ok, so I guess you could've guessed that one). Argh, I can't describe it much more than that! It's just like a bite of heavenly, warm, melting nectar and it just makes you feel like you've consumed the food of gods when it's really just a humble sphere of fruit that's made its way to some heat.

Next time you grab a bunch of grapes, be sure to shove some of it in the oven. Words can't explain this little beauty.

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