Monday, 14 January 2013

Creative Thinking - personalish

Today was the first day in my six day course in the city yay! It's a course about modelling and acting which, I know, seems suuuper unrelated to yoga and health and wellness stuff like that but it's just so much fun. I could also be Tara Stiles-y and model and act out my yoga and cooking skillz via commercials and stuff like that. Which would be pretty cool, I reckon. Because modelling is so much fun!

The course I'm doing is like a step up from the last course I did. It was basically the same sort of thing but not as in depth and they didn't exactly expect you to be perfect at walking catwalks and stuff. So this one is the level two course of modelling and acting, so a lot more awesome stuff is happening.

The thing that I've noticed about how I feel at the end of each day going home from the class that day, is that I always feel like I need to be more creative. And more spontaneous and lively and free. I don't know how my brain works, but every time I leave the studio, I feel like a wave of creative juices flowing, and a little voice inside me saying 'Stop worrying about the world and start being more creative!' 

But, for some reason, the little creative person inside me barely comes out. Maybe my little logical person is too logical and thinks that the only way I'll get around in the world is to be smart-thinking and do what makes sense. I think that maybe I should let this little creative man just run amok in me for a bit and work his little magic. He could make me more creative, and that could be what I need to restore me from painstaking logicality and sensibility that I seem to always maintain. That may be my magic key to making my life move a lot easier, instead of constantly dripping oil into the cogs to make them go. Maybe that little creative guy could help me in a lot more ways than I can imagine.

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