Saturday, 10 November 2012

More Recipes Coming Up!

Ok, so I might have been procrastinating and not putting anything up for the last few days... I mean weeks...

It's just that so much has been happening since my birthday. Last week we were going out every night, and we had a few exams on too, and basically I had other things to focus on than writing about the stuff I was focusing on.

I've also progressed a lot more in terms of health in the weeks I haven't been here. I've upped my calories and upped my workouts, and for me, increasing calories is kinda hard so I've had to be a bit inventive. I hope to post a smoothie recipe up soon! Speaking of smoothies, I've gotten myself a protein powder just to help with the weight gain a bit. It's 100% unflavoured raw sprouted rice protein, so if you can imagine that, you can imagine why I can only really have it in smoothies! It's just too... funny-tasting to be used anywhere else. I make sure I have some of it every day, so I'm slowly getting used to it.

These past few days I've been cooking a lot more as well (at the moment I've got an eggplant in the oven) so I've got some more recipes to post! None of them are my own but I've tweaked recipes a bit. I tend to tweak a lot of recipes...

Once I've made this time-consuming (for me at least) baba ghanoush, I'll post the recipe for it, and in the next few days I'll share some other recipes with you that I've made in the last week. And on that note, I'd like to announce my official declaration I thought about about 15 minutes ago on a whim:

I PROMISE to post something on my blog every second day (the day I don't wash my hair is how I'll gauge it). And because I used big words like official and promise, my subconscious will make sure it happens. The posts may not all be recipes, but they will probably fall into the following categories:
- health and nutrition
- fitness and exercise
- positivity and healthy mindsets
- maybe the occasional emotional rant
- beautification relaxation sort of things like body brushing
- random thoughts about wellness
- healthy recipes of course!

I think I'll wrap it up now because this eggplant is just about ready and is smelling divine! I hope I'll stick to my promise and I hope this baba ghanoush tastes as good as it smells!

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