Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Knitted Babies Up for Sale!

Hey guys! So the other day, I was knitting at school at lunch time, as I always do, and I got a random request to make a unicorn for one of my friends. I'm used to the whole ordering-of-a-knitted-product thing so I guess it wasn't too random... But tonight I finished him and I think he's adorable!

She wanted a white unicorn with a light purple mane and a yellow horn so a white unicorn with light purple and yellow is what I made. But I wanted to make something stand out on him, something that wasn't so obvious like the horn... So I gave him teeny tiny legs! Aren't they cute? And yes, he does have legs, see?

I almost gave him a mouth, but I wasn't really quite sure how I should do it, and I think he already looked quite cute. And this way, you can make up whether he's happy or sad. He's almost so adorable I don't know how I'm going to give him away!

While I was sorting through my thousands of balls of wool trying to find the perfect purple and yellow to use, I came across some of the things I'd made earlier this year that didn't exactly get as much love as some others. You see, I made a batch of these little round people and some of them sold, but some of them didn't. I also found a few other little knitted creatures that didn't get to find a new home.

So I've decided to sell my little babies online! Well, almost. I'll post individual photos of all the little munchkins up soon but for now, here's a few of them:

From left to right, there's my little beaded hippie, my super cheery red man (the red men are part of a series, I made a few of them) and my little chicken.

That's my pretty pink piggie and my echidna/porcupine hand puppet. You can move his snout around and make him sniff out things. He was a best seller at one stage!

I've also got a few double sided hearts up for grabs, my little bunny wabbit and a baby alien. I remember I made a whole lot of aliens once and they literally all disappeared. All of them. Except this little poor guy...

If you'd like one, just leave a comment below and please let me know which of these gorgeous little guys can find himself a new home and if you're a client of my mum's. We can work out how you'll get him/them from there. Prices start from $2 and they shouldn't go any higher than $8 (for the pretty pink piggie). Also, if you want something that isn't shown, you can make an order like my friend did and request for me to make a unicorn/fish/voodoo doll/whatever you want. Oh my god, I can't believe these woollen peeps are finally going to get a change of scenery!

See you guys! I can't wait to put some more smiles on your faces! :)

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