Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Rant about Dairy

Ok, I knew this day was coming where I wouldn't be able to keep to my posting promise. Oops! This'll probably happen more often when there's more Christmas parties...

The other day, I was about to have a rant about how you shouldn't eat/drink dairy when I didn't exactly have the words to actually say anything. I knew it's not good for you because of the hormones and that the dairy industry is absolutely foul in terms of animal rights and safety, but I didn't know the exact facts. So I did a little more research on it and found the stuff I had on the tip of my tongue, and I also found out a bit more that I didn't know.

Basically, cavemen didn't drink milk, so neither should we - to an extent. I'll get to the topic of cavemen at some point here.

Today, milk isn't really proper milk. These circumstances don't apply to all milk, but it's more than likely that the milk you have in the fridge isn't the best of sorts.
First, the cow will munch away at what gives him energy - food. I'd wish this was grass and stuff that a cow normally would eat, but sometimes that cow has to make do with grains like soy or corn, or other kinds of food that it (or anything for that matter) should be eating. That soy or corn could very easily be pesticided, herbicided, deathicided, anything that those farmers can spray on their crops to make the plants grow better. When the cows eat those deathicides, they go through their system and the cows get poisoned by the toxins. And then the cow is also fed hormone-makers and impregnated repeatedly to make them have more babies (which get sent off to become anaemic veal), so there's a squillion different funny things in this cow that is about to be milked. Does the cow's body like that? No. So in response, she gets sick and can do stuff like fall over from being so udderly sick, and suffer through lesions and mastitis. Mastitis, to my understanding, is where pus is formed in the cow's udder, and then comes out with the milk. So that milk you've bought is filled with:
- deathicides
- hormones (that by the way are extremely horrible to humans)
- pus.
Want a cup of coffee now?

Cow's milk also contains two things most human bodies don't like: lactose and casein. Lactose intolerance is a pretty big occurrence around the world, and I reckon that if so many people can't eat or drink something (in this case, lactose, but a lot of people are casein intolerant as well), then it's probably something we as humans shouldn't be eating. I'm not so highly educated on lactose and casein, but in one sentence, lactose is a sugar that some people can't digest properly, and casein is a protein (like gluten) that destroys the intestines of people who also have problems. And the lactose and casein in milk could also be the stuff that makes you possibly feel a bit bloated or bleugh after having a glass of milk.

The dairy industry is really horrible. It's udderly disgraceful, so I won't write about it here and if you want to read about it, click here. That was what pushed me off the fence and into dairy-free zone. (ok, neeearly dairy-free.) If you're curious, I drink almond milk after trying others like oat milk (too floury), rice milk (watery), soy milk (before I knew about the health consequences of soy! Never EVER have soy, please! Have a look at this article for a glance at the tip of the iceberg) goat's milk (it tastes like a petting zoo, it was awful) and I also have a carton of hazelnut milk I'd like to try (super duper expensive). The only thing I don't like about storebought almond milk is the sugar and other additives in it. Aren't almonds good enough by themselves? One day I'm going to make my own almond milk. I also don't eat cheese but that's not too hard for me because I didn't eat too much cheese to start with, and I can change it to another flavour if I really want something.

That's about it for the moment I guess! If you take one thing from today, remember that cow milk isn't as amazing as people might think it is. Hope to see you tomorrow!


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