Sunday, 21 April 2013

Pull ups

Last year we had to find a book for English that was an autobiography, and I picked out Anthony Field (the Blue Wiggle) and read it realising that it was half about his health struggle, half a guidebook to the sorts of exercises he does. He's 50 and ripped, so whatever he did must be fantastic. What he DID do was discover the magic of barefootedness, but also of inverted workouts. Basically all his workout moves are done on a pull up bar. I was pretty mystified by this style of workouts and really liked the idea of it, but didn't like the idea of getting a pull up bar.

I've been reading recently about pull ups (especially on Al Kavadlo's site) and about how amazing they are, so I got dad to screw in a makeshift bar. It's from a hair washing basin and it's a funny shape so it's a bit strange to hang off. I can't pull myself up yet. Not even a chin up. So I'm gonna hang until my back muscles get used to it.

And while I do that, I'll do all funny stuff with my legs. On the beach we stayed at for the week, they had a boardwalk and I hung off the bottom of it sometimes, like this morning. I can only hold a really bad L for 6 seconds but the tucks are a little easier. I'll just have to practice when I get home.

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