Friday, 26 April 2013

Ignore that I was laying on the beach when I was thinking this

Guys have it so much easier than girls. The way they work out is expected to be lifting a few times a week, playing soccer with friends or playing in general with friends/kids at the park, and sometimes they can be builders, meaning that they're lifting and cardioing all day. Whereas women are expected to (and mostly do) do heaps and heaps of cardio squeezed into their stressful day, and not having time to play because they're either doing stuff that's stressing them out, or relaxing and trying to destress. What has society come to?

I was sitting on the beach peoplewatching, and I noticed that all the guys were up and playing ball games while all the women were laying around on the beach getting their tan on. Now, I'm not for overexercising or anything, but wouldn't it be nice if the women were up and playing something too? You can still get an even tan playing around with a ball... or running around with children... or building sandcastles... or even just walking on the beach with someone. Going to the beach shouldn't mean lay on a plastic (or cotton) cloth and sloth about for hours on end to come home with slightly darker skin. Going to the beach should be a fun day out to play around and enjoy what nature has to offer. The beach should be an active playground, not an excuse for an outdoor bed.

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