Monday, 29 April 2013


Stupid school. Why did it have to come back again? Oh well, another six terms and I'm outta there.

Whenever someone asks me what I want to do when I leave school, I just say that I'll get some random degree like massage or cooking or weightlifting or something and then I'll just have a gap life. Everyone seems to think I'm joking when I say that. But I'm pretty sure I'll get along swimmingly having a life full of fun and enjoyment.

I was epiphanising in bed the other night when there was a party next door and I couldn't sleep, and I decided that I had to have more fun in my life. Don't know how I was planning on biking out to a beach and surfing before sunrise, but a girl can dream, right? (speaking of dreaming, I thought I'd be able to eat a whole raw red onion that I'd sliced thickly and salted and patted, but the rest of me didn't think that that was possible just yet. So I had a chocolate dipped banana to calm my mouth :) )

Anyway, all I know is that I want my life to be full of play and fun and chock a block jam packed full of good, hearty enjoyment. Not like what my friends were talking about at lunch - they seemed so hilarified by tumblr. Oh how they waste their time...

BACK TO THE TOPIC I was originally gonna talk about. Mark (from Mark's Daily Apple, best site in the world) put up his weekend link love today and shared with us a video of this awesome guy who's 72 and plays like all day. When I first got into health, I saw photos of fit and healthy old people and thought 'I wanna be like that' but watching this video made me think of how much I reeeeeally want to be an awesome grandma. Which is a lot. I want to be as awesome as this cool cat. And not just his playingness, but his attitude towards life. He seems happier than most aged people - any people for that matter - that I've seen. Take a look >

I've been giving a bit of thought into it, and I think that order sucks. Lists suck. Trying to perfectly structure everything sucks. Relaxing is a much better option, and the cycles that are meant to happen (circardian rhythyms, seasons, that sorta stuff) will happen. Mother Nature isn't stupid. She wouldn't make stuff work wrongly, so why try to perfect things to fit into some sort of schedule? Eat what you want, when you want (once you've got your cravings and ketosisness down pat). Exercise Play how you like, when you like. I've found that I'm more energetic and willing to workout later at night, so I'll probably try to do it before bed instead of in the morning. Work on the work you want to, when it feels right. Example: instead of me rehearsing my assessment speech, I'm blogging. Live the way you feel is right and screw order and time and perfection. Embrace mess, because neat stuff will just get ruined. Embrace dirt, because that's where all the minerals are (when you watch animals eat, they don't worry about cleaning dirty food - they just eat it.). And crave nature, adventure, curiousity, exploration, the outdoors, and all that good stuff.

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