Saturday, 4 May 2013

Mr Crackles Carryout

We were in the city last night and I'd read a review about this place that sold a cup of pork crackling, and mum's friend had been there so we decided to see what it was like. The rest of the family shared a pork roll and I had some crackling (they had some too). Honestly, it was bland and not dreamworthy, even though we'd been wanting pork since we had dinner. The crackling was dry and salt less and flavourless and a little too hard for my liking and COLD. You do not serve me cold crackling. Even if it's lukewarm it's alright. But not cold. And the pork from the roll was also pretty dry and fatless. And apparently the roll was hard. Oh well. We know where NOT to go next time we have a craving for pig fat.

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