Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tupperware, but Better

Tupperware, but Better

Another one of my random finds. The other day, I was in some random Asian shop (which had stuff like stuffed toys and notepads, not a thousand types of tea and vegetable oils), and I found some Tupperware containers. Only, these containers were remarkably heavy for their size.

I had a look at the lid. They were made of glass! Well, mostly glass. The container bit was anyway. If it was completely glass it wouldn't hold in liquid like the silicone ring does.

Although I got these a few weeks ago, for some reason I only decide to use them yesterday while I took my Brussels sprouts to school (swimming in acv and olive oil, as always).

How cool are these little things?! I could put my piping hot Brussels in there without having to worry about plastic leaching (the lid didn't go on until later)! And they didn't leak throughout the day. I would've known. Really. Crucifers give off the worst smells... (that's due to their sulphur.)

Once we 'use up' each plastic Tupperware box (if that's possible), we're SO going onto glass based ones. Or I will at least, if mum doesn't want to fear breaking it. Or keeping her hands on her wrists after holding them. Or being worried about plastic toxicity.

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