Thursday, 28 February 2013


I know it's not real healthy for someone who's underweight to IF (or fast at all for that matter), but I'd forgotten my lunch and I was going to the library at lunch to work anyway (and I've got a photoshoot on Sunday) so I thought that maybe I should just see how I go, and this way I wouldn't be too stressed about it.

IF (intermittent fasting) is a paleo concept where you fast for a period of time to let your body sorta catch up with what you've eaten, clear the digestive system a bit, and something to do with the muscles growing. I'm not quite sure. I haven't done much reading on it because I've been trying to eat as much as possible, but I'd read enough to know that you can fast healthily and that it's nothing to worry about if it's once in a blue moon like it is.
So I went my day without lunch. Breakfast coincidently happened to be really good for this situation. I had two fried eggs (one yolk broke which made picking up easier, one stayed in tact and was like liquid velvet), a raw tomato (I'd normally fry it first and then add the eggs but I decided to go raw today), and a heap of tahini. Too much tahini. I felt sick and couldn't eat all the tahini on my plate. I'd scraped the bottom of the jar and it turned out there was more than I thought there was... Oh well. A short stretchy yoga sesh followed that, and then I gobbled down about 80% of a mango (the other 20% was rottenish and funny and just inedible) and a whole, slightly overripe papaya. That also filled me up quite well. So I went to school feeling more than satisfied and couldn't imagine how I used to eat recess.

Lunch time rolled around and I was too focused on finishing an essay to worry about how hungry I was. I'm so much more aware of my hunger when I'm not completely focused on something. I did think about it once, just so I could recount how I felt, and I honestly didn't think I needed to eat for at least another two hours. I felt fine, better than normal perhaps.

By the time I was leaving school grounds at 3.30, I came to the realisation that maybe I was in starvation mode and my body was storing fat. But I certainly didn't feel any sort of energy-storing symptoms like sleepiness or crankiness or anything like that. I was actually really talkative for what I normally am.

It was 4 o'clock when my tummy was finally like 'Oh hey, I haven't been fed for 9 hours'. And by 4.45 my stomach was yelling out FEEEED MEEEE!!

That was when dinner was cooked, thank god. I had my lunch that I'd packed and forgotten (half a salmon fillet - steamed and fried -, a cucumber, and two semi dried tomato halves), as well as three chicken wings, two tsps coconut oil (I was going to have more but it didn't taste as amazing) and a tiny bit of boiled pumpkin which is for brekkie tomorrow. Felt pretty good, but retrospectively, I really should've had like the amount of food to feed three people. Too bad.

I'd then continued my procrastinating spree (looking up more paleo stuff, it's not like I was watching cats or anything), watched a guy cook a fresh octopus on tv, and came back to my computer to find that I felt really drained. So I had my first glass of water for the day - not so good! -, some of dad's avocado and a bit of coconut oil.

Let's just hope tomorrow's food will be much better.

To find out a little more about why I only eat three times a day, this is what I found in my little procrastination spree:!

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