Friday, 17 January 2014

New Blog URL

Dear my whole two people who visit my site ever.

I'm gonna give your 'a' key a bit of a break whenever you want to type my URL in.

I'm gonna make the URL much shorter so you can read the funny little bit that comes after the
and therefore know what the page is about, because I know someone out there does that other than just me.

I'm also going to make the site name actually relevant, seeing as now I'm more into natural movement instead of yoga, sweet potato instead of banana low carb veg, and goaty raw got milk. And fermented everything. And alignment (ok, so my knowledge about alignment comes from about one source at and I may or may not have spent the whole of yesterday reading practically every post in her 25 pages of posts). And natural real products and five different types of salt and not staring at a screen for 12 hours in a day learning about alignment and another type of salt in your bathroom that's got magnesium instead of sodium and real. life.

My new blog name is Out of Den and, you guessed it, it's at I wanted it to be Out of the Cave to prove my non-conformist approach to Paleo and how I'm leaving negative (in ways I will explain one day) and somewhat boring approaches to 'health'. But then it sounds like I'm becoming public about my sexual preferences which was NOT what I was going for. And, I should add, there is no Freddie Mercury business going on here.

Speaking about real life, in 13 months/next year and next month I will be away. Far far away. In a distant galaxy unexplored by man. Or maybe just Europe. Europe! Yes I'm going there. And I want to continue this blog while I'm far far far away and be all like

"Je ne peux pas manger le baguette unlesse et est le sprouted. Bon appetit!"

Those Frenchies are gonna hate me for not eating their baguette, but at least I've learnt some French. Very very minimal. (I'm going by Tim Ferriss's and kinda Benny's method of learning language and then getting grandma to teach me Italian. Let's see how that goes.)

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