Wednesday, 26 September 2012

First Post

Hey everyone, and welcome to my first post! I think I'm going to jump straight into it and give you a nice simple recipe for my first post.

Summer's here!
I can feel it; the days are getting longer, and the layers are getting fewer. Aaaand it's the holidays at the moment, so I've been enjoying the sunny weather. I've been longing for this season since it ended in February. And now it's actually come! It felt like it never would!

Yesterday I made myself a nice icy treat to celebrate for the inevitable return of the Australian hot weather. We had loads of fruit in the fridge, and what better way to prepare it lazily than to freeze it up and blend it with some coconut water?

A couple of days ago we went to the fish markets, and in the fruit shop I found a whole row of coconut waters, with flavours like pineapple and guava. When I go out, my rule is this: if you see coconut water, you buy the coconut water. I love the stuff! I don't really like any other drinks apart from normal water, so I let myself have some whenever I spot it. But then, as I moved along the fridge, in this fruit shop, guess what I saw? A massive, 1L pack of coconut water! I kinda flipped out a little. And it was cheaper than getting some little ones, so I got a bottle and happily took it for a walk around the rest of the fruit shop. I didn't even know 1L packs existed!

I was sooo excited with my new discovery that I put it in a glass with some lemon and mulberries that we'd also gotten at the fruit shop, and had it with my lunch, which was a massive seafood platter of every fryable fish under the sun. I felt sick for the rest of the day from eating so much fried food in one go, but I enjoyed reliving my childhood and having some calamari rings with creamy tartare sauce. I thought that maybe my lovely coconut concoction would reverse the negative health effects of a deep fried lunch, but obviously it didn't work. I was so excited about my awesome drink that I forgot to take a before picture, so here's an after one:

Anyway, yesterday I made myself a slushy-icy-fruity yumminess in a cup - I'm not quite sure what to call it! But it was delicious and healthy, and a fun way to celebrate the upcoming weather, so I'll share the recipe. You can certainly change the ingredients to whatever fruits you've got. Feel free to add honey, agave or another sweetener, but I think it's sweet enough as it is! Hope you love it as much as I did!

Fruity Coconut Icy Cup

Serves 1

1 orange
1 passionfruit
about 1/2 cup coconut water

1. Cut the orange into tiny pieces, about as big as a third of a segment, or smaller if you're impatient.
2. Freeze for a couple of hours or until the orange bits are completely frozen. If the pieces freeze together in the fridge, it's really easy to cut them apart, but I would suggest freezing it on a tray or something.

3. Put the pieces in a blender, and add the passionfruit pulp.
4. Add the coconut water to the blender, until it reaches about 3/4 up the oranges.
5. Blend. Don't blend it for too long though, or the orange bits might melt too much.
6. Enjoy! Keep it in a mug to keep it colder for longer, or stick it in the freezer for another half hour or so to make it more solid.

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